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The First Steps Together for the Perfect Honeymoon

Nancy Cassano
Carrie McCrory
Honeymoon Specialist

We Let Your Passions Soar

What is Your Honeymoon Dream?

  • Maybe you are looking for an easy-to-get-to beautiful all-inclusive resort with a fantastic beach and amenities to make you feel like pampered royalty, typically in the Caribbean or Mexico.
  • Maybe you have your eye on an over-the-water bungalow, made famous by the Bora Bora Intercontinental Hotel, and now popping up at resorts in the Caribbean.
  • Or perhaps you are interested in the laid-back elegance and the younger guests on the new, smaller 300 passenger yachts sailing the Caribbean and Polynesia
  • Or maybe your honeymoon will be an outdoor adventure.
  • If you have the freedom to travel more than a week, maybe you are thinking about Tahiti / Bora Bora or Bali with their exotic beauty and high levels of luxury and relaxation.
  • Or you always dreamed of visiting Italy or indulging in Paris or playing on a Greek beach.

You just listed the destinations our honeymoon and travel guests have enjoyed.

We will happily meet with you and your fiancé to discuss where you would like to go, what amenities you are seeking in your honeymoon, what you enjoy together and what new experiences you wish to discover.

It’s time to call Carrie McCrory, Go Bucket List Travel’s Honeymoon and destination Wedding Specialist at 804-301-9485 or email us at carrie@gobucketlisttravel.com

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We Are a Team

Together we’ll develop a plan, research and review all the options and craft an international destination wedding and/or honeymoon with the best locations, amenities, accommodations, activities and flight schedules to fit your lifestyle, family requirements, schedule and budget. No details are too small.


Your Own Custom Honeymoon Registry

We will set up at no charge to you a honeymoon registry on our website so your friends and family may sponsor activities for your romantic escape. Some of our clients have saved over $1,200 by way of our registry.


Our Destination Wedding Guide

“I want to thank you for…all the hard work, all of the numerous hours put into researching, all of your dedicated follow-ups, all of your patience and all of your persistence to find us what truly make us happy and I feel like we’ve finally chosen what we want.” Erica, Texas [Destination Wedding Client]

First, stay calm and give Carrie McCrory at Go Bucket List Travel™ a call at 804-301-9485 or drop us an email at carrie@gobucketlisttravel.com.

We’ll meet with you and focus on the important issues:

First we’ll have a few questions for you to consider

1. Where are your guests coming from?

This is the most important consideration for picking the best destination for your wedding ceremony. Air prices and inconvenient schedules can put popular destinations out of financial reach for your guests. We will give you a matrix of location flight schedules and prices for all of your guests to help you zero-in on the best location for your wedding and minimize your guests’ travel expenses.

2. Will there be single travelers or families with children on your guest list?

If so, we’ll guide you to family-friendly all-inclusive resorts where all your friends and family can enjoy themselves.

3. What discounts and amenities will resorts offer me?

This is your third vital question. We’ll ask your target resorts for their best offers such as personal on-site wedding planners, room upgrades, air credits, free room offers, catering expenses, flowers, locale, access to clergy and more essentials for your wedding. The larger your wedding party will be, the more leverage you will have. We’ll guide you through all of the offers and help you select your best value destination.

4. Travel arrangements.

We’ll need the passport names for each of your guests as well as birthdates. We’ll take care of all the details and find your wedding party and guests the best air deals.


Leave the Worry and Details to us.

Explore your options...

Need a beach or a mountain?

  • Hearing the surf out your window, gazing at a magnificent mountain....

Want to be pampered?

  • Luxury accommodations, spa treatments, 24-hour room service...

Looking for adventure?

  • Scuba, skiing, rock climbing, snorkeling, nature....

How about the Greek Isles?

  • Touring exotic locales, experiencing new cultures and pace of life...

Are you a foodie?

  • Visiting the best restaurants, trying new tastes, learning Italian cuisine - in Italy....

Do you love winter sports?

  • Snuggle by a warm fire after a day on the alpine slopes