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Special Rates: Iceland to NYC Luxury Cruise August 20, 2025


Nancy Cassano
Nancy Cassano
Chief Bucket List Concierge™

2025 will soon be here. Now is the time to grab your stateroom at our group rates and early booking bonuses on this exciting 14-night luxury Iceland to New York City cruise on the new Viking Mars, departing Reykjavik, Iceland on August 20, 2025.

We recently returned from Iceland and Greenland and can assure you that the abundant natural beauty will stun you. More importantly, the Icelanders are a very friendly bunch, proud of their country and extremely welcoming. If you are into glaciers, geysers, horses, whales, seabirds, Northern Lights, dramatic waterfalls, volcanos, Viking lore and photography this cruise is for you.

Book by October 31, 2023 to receive reduced economy air from major USA gateways PLUS only a $25 deposit per person to hold your stateroom.

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Please call us at 804-557-3006.

Our current group prices include:

Viking Ocean Cruises is the #1 rated small ship cruise line in the world. Their small ships are renowned for their beauty, intimate surroundings, magnificent service and superb dining. Their itineraries span the globe and this specific cruise encompasses 11 days, going to some of the very best ports of call in the West Indies.

Viking caters to adults only and offers a sophisticated experience both on and off their ships. All staterooms have verandas and the trip is “all-inclusive,” which means virtually everything on board is included in your price.

Please book by October 31, 2023 and take advantage of this special offer:

To hold your stateroom please contact Carrie McCrory of Go Bucket List Travel at carrie@gobucketlisttravel.com or call her direct at 804-301-9485 or our main office: 804-557-3006.


August 20, 2025: Reykjavik is the world’s northernmost capital city yet captures the distinctive feel of a fishing village. The Kentucky-sized island is Europe’s westernmost nation and one of the wildest places on earth.

August 21, 2025: Heimaey is the only populated island in the Westman Islands. The scenery is stunning with its volcanic landscapes, moss-covered clifftops and picturesque homes with brightly colored rooftops. A number of breathtaking natural sights are a result of the volcanic eruption that took place here in 1973, which saw the evacuation of all 5,000 residents to the mainland. Each summer, millions of puffins pay a visit and countless other species migrate here to feed and breed. Several efforts are underway to protect the wealth of wildlife, from puffins to the gentle giants of the sea.

August 22, 2025: Djúpivogur lies on Iceland’s east coast and has been a trading center since the 16th century. The town is presided over by the towering Búlandstindur; a mountain famed in local folklore for its ability to grant wishes during the summer solstice.

August 23, 2025: Seydisfjördur enjoys a mountainous setting at the end of a fjord. It traces its origins to the early days of Viking settlements. Though the town is tiny, it boasts an impressive history. It hosted the world’s first modern whaling station and pioneered international communications when it welcomed the first telegraph cable, linking Iceland to Europe. Colorful wooden homes line the streets, overseen by starkly picturesque slopes and the soaring summits of Mounts Bjólfur and Strandartindur.

August 24, 2025: Akureyri, nicknamed the “Capital of the North,” is set at the end of the Eyjafjördur and enjoys a mild climate, unusual for a northern city just 62 miles from the Arctic Circle. Folk culture is robust in Akureyri; the Vefarinn dance was invented here to celebrate the harvest. Don’t forget to see the famous Icelandic horses on nearby farms.

August 25, 2025: Ísafjördur, nestled at the foot of dramatic mountain slopes, is the capital and largest settlement on the Westfjords, a large peninsula in northwestern Iceland that is connected to the mainland by a wide isthmus. This rugged, unspoiled region is home to landscapes of breathtaking natural beauty, from jagged mountain peaks, to red- and gold-sand beaches, cascading waterfalls and Drangajökull, Iceland’s only expanding glacier. The Westfjords teem with birdlife; Látrabjarg, located on the peninsula’s western shores, is the site of one of Europe’s largest bird cliffs.

August 26, 2025: A relaxing day at sea as you sail to Greenland.

August 27, 2025: Nanortalik is nestled on an island near the mouth of a fjord on the southwestern shores of Greenland. It was established in 1770, though a small group of Vikings led by Erik the Red first arrived in the 10th century and called it “Grœnland,” or Greenland, in hopes of attracting more settlers. Today, the Inuit people dominate this austere and picturesque landscape and hold fast to their long Inuit traditions by fishing for crab, hunting hooded seals and welcoming visitors with a festive kaffe-mik, a coffee party with plenty of their famed Greenlandic cake.

August 28, 2025: Qaqortoq is a repository of Viking, Inuit and Danish history. Greenland’s largest and best-preserved Viking settlement lies 12 miles out of town at Hvalsey, established by Erik the Red’s uncle in the 10th century. The Inuit soon followed, and left behind many artifacts from their early days. The Danish colonial era, too, is finely reflected in historic buildings, including an 1804 blacksmith’s shop and the harborside 1797 black tar log building. Qaqortoq lends itself to leisurely strolls and its spectacular setting attracts outdoor enthusiasts.

August 29, 2025: Sailing the Labrador Sea.

August 30, 2025: L’Anse aux Meadows, Labrador, Canada is the site of the first Norse settlement in the Americas. Leif Eriksson’s voyage from Greenland in the late 10th century predated Columbus by 500 years. Proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1978, the ancient village Eriksson founded provides fascinating insight into the day-to-day lives of Vikings. Each of its dwellings was constructed of a wood frame covered in sod. The site was uncovered in 1960, when a village local pointed out a series of mounds in the earth that he and his neighbors had always believed to be an ancient Native American camp.

August 31, 2025: Sailing the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

September 1, 2025: Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada exudes a fine European air and lies along the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors by sea are greeted by the 1758 Sambro Island Lighthouse, the oldest surviving beacon in North America. In the harborside Historic Properties district, grand and charming stone buildings built in the 18th and 19th centuries grace the cobblestone streets. The city grew up around Citadel Hill, where Fort George protected the harbor. The fortress, along with the adjacent stately Halifax Town Clock, has been gloriously restored and preserved.

September 2, 2025: Enjoy a relaxing day at sea.

September 3, 2025: New York City. After breakfast disembark for your return journey home.