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The Copper Master of Montepulciano

Meet The Copper Master of Montepulciano

When we design your trip to Italy, we outfit you with ideas and plans that will give you the best opportunity to experience Italian life at your own pace and to gain understanding through the eyes of real Italians and artisans.
Thursday is market day in the Umbrian hill-top town of Montepulciano. As you walk up Via del Poliziano from the parking lot outside of the town walls, on right will be Via dell’Opio nel Corso. As you pass shops and markets you’ll see at #64 the Bottega del Rame with its horde of wonderful handcrafted artful copper works and premium culinary products that are cherished by master chefs around the world.

Further up the hill at Via del Teatro 4 you’ll find the workshop of the coppermaster himself, Cesare Mazzetti, a third-generation coppersmith. Drop in on Signore Mazzetti and you’ll be treated to a personal tour of his workshop and museum that will leave you overwhelmed with his passion for and love of the ancient art of copper.

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